Family displaced in Kenmore fire

KENMORE, NY (Erie County Fire Blotter) – A barbeque turned tragic Thursday when a fire broke out and consumed the home at 22 Allegany Avenue.

Kenmore Fire Captain Felix Coniglio says the fire appears to have started at the gas grill and then it extended into the house.

The fire from the grill melted the gas line to the propane tank causing the fire to take off into the structure and up the exterior wall on the home’s number 3 side.

All floors were consumed by the blaze.

Kenmore was assisted at the scene by Kenilworth, Brighton, Sheridan Park and Ellwood.

A damage estimate has not been released.

One Response to Family displaced in Kenmore fire

  1. emma mcelligott

    July 15, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    this was my second home. the girl that lived here is my bestfriend. we have been friends for 6 years, since third grade. we had so many memories in that house. i moved to florida and was just staying here for a week and a half, i love this family so much and they are such good people. thank god nobody got hurt. their family has been hit with way too many tragedies, i hope they get the help they deserve. i love you campisi family. <3

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